MirrorEssentials Shaper Review

shapewear bodysuitFashion trends come and go. They drive huge economies as designers, stores, magazines, advertisers and beauty bloggers ride the wave of the newest trends. But just like fashion, the look of women wearing these fashions also change over the years.

The past couple decades saw a great emphasis on extremely thin models and the ideal that super skinny was the best way to be. You could never get away from the image of the waif like girls with no breasts, hips or butt frolicking in her tiny bikini on the beach.

But those days are long gone and curves are in, baby. Girls with a more athletic build are in as well. But more than that, fuller breasts and wider hips have made a comeback as the timeless hourglass figure is honored by all. And more than ever, the focus has been on butts. Yes, large, round and perky, butts are the big thing these days.

You see it everywhere from models, to swimsuit catalogues, social media and the new Instagram fitness celebrities, and even in the manikins at the malls. You go into fashionable stores and find very well-endowed manikins sporting jeans and leggings that fit them like a glove. They all have tiny little waists and big butts, just like most of us women want to have!

However, having that shape is seemingly impossible with the exception of the girls spending hours and hours at the gym, and those few who have been uniquely blessed. However, not all is lost! With the right undergarments, you too can show off all of your best assets.

No, I’m not talking about padded underwear (although we are not going to turn our noses at underwear that offers a little boost). I am talking about the Shaping Panty Thong.

This miracle underwear offers some of the best features that any body shaping underwear can offer. It is a tummy control shaper that works to cinch in your tummy and waist, getting rid of your rolls and hated love handles. As it sucks in and controls your tummy, it leaves you with a much narrower and cinched waist. Since it is high waisted, it pushes all of your excess body fat up, without adding any awkward bumps or rolls in your tummy, sides or back.
The issue with many of these types of control panties, however, is that as they are cinching and sucking everything in, they can also flatten your rear end. Leaving you looking shapeless and really flat on your backside. And who wants that for a look?

That’s why this panty is so glorious! The thong cutout not only removes the embarrassment of panty lines, but it allows your butt to be lifted and given room to occupy the ample space it needs. No more flat, pancake butt. No matter what you wear!

This undergarment comes in black and tan, so that you can wear it underneath all of your favorite outfits. And the price tag of $14.99 is unbelievable! You will not find an item of this quality and effectiveness for this price anywhere else.

In fact, MirrorEssentials.com, the website that sells it, has a whole array of high quality shapewear at incredible prices. If you take into consideration their great customer service and ability to ship anywhere for a fraction of the cost of other retail websites, then you will realize what a gem this store is. One of my favorite find! So, be sure to check them out!

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