How to master the eyeliner

Using the eyeliner is one of the most important parts of any make-up process. It is the responsible for the setting of the make-up on the eyes, and it becomes even more important when you use a light-style eyeshade or no shade at all on the eyelid. Without the eyeliner, the look tends to become blurry and with an unfinished appearance, so it is worth to invest a little time on learning how to use it correctly! Another point that requires the applying of eyeliner is when using fake eyelashes, once that, without it, they will make your make-up have a rough-and-ready look.

The most important and simple question is: how to make your eyes look good on eyeliner? Women that have small eyes or little space between the eyelid and the eyebrows should try on a thin line, whilst women with bigger eyes and a larger space between the eyelid and the eyebrows should try on a thicker line. In both cases, it is important to finish with a relative long line on the edge of the eye. For a more subtle effect, try a short line, whilst for a more dramatic and catching effect, you should do it a little wider and higher towards the eyebrow.

dramatic and catching effect in the eyes

Before getting started

First of all, you must prepare your skin with the normal procedures, applying the primer and the foundation – yes, it should be used on the eyelids too!  If you need to cover up imperfections stains on your skin, try some high-cover foundation like Dermacol, which is a strong foundation that won’t vanish with water and becoming more and more popular, being used for professionals on photo shootings and filming. After that, apply the shade you wish or leave that region of the skin without shade – it all depends on your intentions for the moment!

Tips on how to use the eyeliner the best way

Now it is time to start with the practical part, meaning applying the eyeliner itself. Whatever your goals are and the types of products that you might have chosen, there are several different applying techniques. A nice tip for those who are not so experienced is starting on the outer corner of the eye, drawing a thick line and bringing it closer to the inner corner, making the line thinner along the way. That done, draw a little line that goes from the outer corner towards the eyebrow, finishing with a “connection” to the line of the eyelid.

For those who do not feel so comfortable on drawing lines with the eyeliner, try starting with little dots to serve you as “guides”. Draw these several dots along the eyelashes and then, using the same item, connect these little dots with thin lines, starting on the inner corner until you are finished. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open all the time, in order to have the best vision possible of what it will look.

If you do not trust the steadiness of your hands, you can try using Scotch tape to help you get the lines straight and on the right angle. Cut a piece of tape of about 1 inch and place it just above the outer corner of the eyes, about where the eyebrows end. After that, draw the line on the length and size you wish and remove the tape once you’re done with it. If your skin already bears makeup when you reach this part, try removing a bit of the glue of the tape by placing and removing it a couple of times on the back of your hand. This will ensure that, once you’re finished with the eyeliner, the rest of the make-up will still look sharp!

Nevertheless, if you’re still feeling insecure, you could use a simple spoon to get a line as beautiful and perfect as the ones of the make-up experts. The secret is starting where you usually would end, meaning the outer edge of the line. To achieve this, place the handle of the spoon on the outer corner and draw the line toward the end of the eyebrow. To fill this empty line, place the spoon on your eyelid so it will form a “V” between the tip of the line and the root of the eyelashes. Lastly, draw the line towards the inner corner, using the spoon as a “guide” and keeping control of the thickness of the line. There you go!

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