What Effect Does Auriculotherapy Have on the Body?

Auriculotherapy is a treatment that comes from acupuncture- a Chinese treatment which requires putting needles on ears and other parts of human’s body. Its origin is very uncertain, thanks to the thousands of theories that have declared the specialists, but it is known that it comes from the east. Also, many people as well as specialists in the subject have declared the ineffective function of this therapy, due to the lack of studies and biological bases.

This peculiar therapy can be used in many diseases, such as acute diseases, intense migraines, or in chronic diseases such as asthma and anxiety. The specialists recommend that this therapy is not used on people who ingest psychotropic drugs, since otherwise the effect would be null or low, just as when using therapy it is important that no physical or mental effort is made, because it will have the same result as people who take psychoactive drug treatment.

The most effective results have resulted in treatments for: hyperacidity or hypoacidity. Pains from any cause and area such as: neuralgias, labor pains, gastralgia, etc. Psychic disorders such as: anxiety and depression. In allergies, asthma, hay fever, insomnia and toxic habits.auriculotherapy weight loss

Benefits of Auriculotherapy in the body

This therapy has multiple facets by which it can be called a good option for us. Auriculotherapy can treat problems of overweight, and this is the main reason why this therapy is quite used, since the problems of overweight, tend to make people look for some advisable method to use. It is also recognized for appeasing anxiety levels in the body, which is one of the high demands of this therapy.

It is equally applicable to gynecological problems, such as when dysmenorrhea occurs, and it is also applied to stop the abrupt departure of menstruation.

It has as an additional function, calming pains, whether by neuralgias, sciatica, or headaches, as well as with organic and functional disorders such as asthma, anxiety, insomnia or constipation.

Contraindications of Auriculotherapy

There is a high probability that auriculotherapy is prohibited for pregnant women, since this treatment can activate certain hormones in the body, which could affect the fetus. This contraindication is much more marked in women who have suffered miscarriages or premature birth.

It is also recommended for people with some hearing problems like cuts or burns in the ears or eczema, although it is recommended for the person to first solve these problems and then to use this therapy.

This therapy should not be applied on patients suffering from: degenerative disorders, anemia, hypertension, schizophrenia or on people suffering from contagious diseases and diseases in the spinal cord. The effect that the therapy can give sometimes is ineffective, and from the use of therapy by people who have these psychic and physical diseases, are born theories of failure of therapy.

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